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Topic:The Raleigh IES Section proudly presents

“Lighting For Elders" (LU/HSW)

Please join us for a healthy discussion of lighting for those with aging eyesight. 

This program will teach you how age affects lighting design considerations
such as glare, contrast and the light needed for tasks, safety and optimum health.



Lauren Roberts, LC, EDAC, IES

Visa Lighting

Healthcare Market Development Manager

Annapolis, MD


Lauren is a former lighting designer currently based in Annapolis MD. Having spent 10 years with prestigious firms such as GWA Lighting, Francis Cauffman Architects and SBLD Studio she has a variety of experience. She has worked on numerous projects including, commercial, hospitality, retail, education, exterior façade and landscape lighting while always focusing on healthcare, her true specialty and passion. She is LC and EDAC certified and a dedicated member of the IES Healthcare Committee.


When: March 8, 2016 (Tuesday), 12Noon

PURCHASE REQUIRED: Please be aware that the Glenwood Golden Corral requires a lunch purchase by each attendee in exchange for the section using the room.